Liquid Web بالمقارنة مع Rackspace (July 2024): Which Web Host Wins?

Rackspace بالمقارنة مع Liquid Web (2024 Comparison) which should you choose?

Comparison foxes
Winner: Liquid Web
In this Rackspace بالمقارنة مع Liquid Web comparison, our extensive tests on both providers cover everything from pricing and performance to customer feedback. We find out which one stands out. This comprehensive analysis gives you a clear picture of why Liquid Web is often the preferred choice for website owners.

Detailed Comparison: Rackspace بالمقارنة مع Liquid Web

Hosting Providers Comparison


السعر المبدأي
US$  0,00 / شهر
US$  5,00 / شهر
نطاق مجاني
كوبونات 2

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آخر مراجعة إيجابية
Gen SM
Gen SM
Rackspace VPS provides unmatched performance.
Rackspace VPS provides unmatched performance, reliability, and outstanding support, Their Technology is the main reason to choose them. With its advan...
ced features and dedicated support team, Rackspace gives me and my website the confidence and focus to grow my business. I also recommend Bluehost and DedicatedCore VPS hosting services that stand out in several key areas.
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حسام الدين احمد
حسام الدين احمد
استضافة هوستنج سام hosting sam بالشراكة مع Liquid Web
هوستنج سام هي شركة استضافة جيدة بسعر الاستضافة المشتركة في hosting sam سوف تحصل علي استضافة سحابية وبسعر اقل من الاستضافة المشتركة مع ثلاثة اشهر مجانا...
بدون بطاقة ائتمان لديهم خدمة عملاء يساعدونك علي حل مشكلتك سؤاء بتعليمك خطوات الحل او بالتدخل مباشرة من خلال الفريق الشركة لديها خمسة من مراكز البيانات حول العالم عند حجز الاستضافة اختار مركز البيانات القريب من عملائك مجانا اسعار الشركة تغيرت بالنقصان حتي ان السعر القديم لم يكن شيء امام الشركات الاخري لانهم يقدمون استضافة سحابية عندما تقارن الاسعار تجد انهم يقدمون استضافة سحابية ياقل من سعر الاستضافة المشتركة لدي الاخرين سعر الشراء لديهم هو سعر التجديد العيب الوحيد لديهم هو انهم لا يقدموون دومين مجاني وسعر الدومين خارج الاستضافة يبدا من 8 دولار ودومين كوم سعره 12 وداخل الاستضافة السحابية ستحصل عليه مقابل 7 دولار ويجدد ب12 دولار وسوف تحصل عليه مجانا في خطط اخري غير السحابية بالاضافة الي ip خاص مع خطط الاستضافة لديهم وكذلك مساحة مرور vpn للبلدان المحجوبة تختلف من خطة الي اخري كما تقدم الشركة بالشراكة مع Liquid Web اسعار مخفضة للسرفر المخصص وشبه المخصص
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آخر مراجعة سلبية
How Rackspace grounded our company to halt…
After being with Rackspace for 15 years our company was by Rackspace stated “hacked via ransomeware” we were never a witness to this but in December o...
f 2022 our systems went down. At the time we had 2 dozen companies on a guaranteed Exchange account that we were charged by Rackspace a $150 a month for our reseller agreement. After the system was down for days we were offered a last minute deal to transfer all our accounts to Microsoft directly to handle an immediate recovery. We were told that we would be charged “$0” for this until the system was restored completely. After the months of recovery, we were told we could have Rackspace and Microsoft install Microsoft Office suite with the Microsoft to resolve the current issues. They ended up added hundreds of accounts to our system and then informed us 2 months later that we now owe Rackspace almost $3500 a month. After dozens of calls and emails to Rackspace they closed our all our email accounts for the dozens of companies that we manage. Because of the lack of support and their inability to correct the issue and to not upgrade our account or migrate them correctly. We waited months with limited communications, the accounts that were affected and then Rackspace shut down our accounts again. During this time I migrated all our accounts and closed all accounts except for the main account because I was still waiting for backup. We did not use or create email accounts with those licenses. I reached out to customer support again, I've followed up with support monthly and being told that I need to pay an insane fee to correct the account and no one ever did. I was finally contacted by the CFO of Rackspace after several emails... and was informed that the mistake was made by them and would be corrected immediately. After all the mixups, and finally getting through to the CFO of Rackspace I was promised that Rackspace would pay our company $3323.33 and provide us an apology. “now I’m getting back from Rackspace that there is no money to be paid our company and no apology for their inability to manage or mismanage all of our accounts!” At this point I would like to give Rackspace a huge “F” for Service and Support. I as A Microsoft Certified System Engineer, and a Cisco Certified Network Professional know Rackspace used to be a creditable source for hosting by reputable companies, but now am so disappointed to say that is definitely not the case any more. I highly encourage all companies and individuals to avoid Rackspace at all cost for any reason or project and if you’re currently using Rackspace I recommend that you start looking into changing hosting solutions.
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Tom James
Tom James
Much worse than before
LiquidWeb support leaves even urgent tickets left unattended for days. Even if requested they allowed most of my domains/websites SSL expire. Liquidwe...
b support tickets usually look like this: "My name is "some exotic outsourced name", and I'll be assisting you today. Please allow me some time to look into your request and I will update you when I have more information. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns in the meantime." Several hours later: "Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately, I have reached the end of my shift. So, I will hand off the ticket for further investigation and one of our admins in the shift will soon look into the issue and update you further. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any further issues, questions, or concerns. We're delighted to assist!" About an hour later: "My name is Daniel and I have picked up this ticket to assist you. Please allow me a few moments to look into this for you." Then repeat the end of shift again and again! Finally days later someone attends the ticket, but they do something and fail to do it right! They allowed all my SSL certificates to expire! And on the chat they ask me am I sure all the SSL expired after I clearly stated and asked them to take a look to see that they all epxired. It's like a mocking game. This is what LiquidWeb has become!
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استضافة مواقع تشاركية

أقل من 4 دولارات


US$ 0,00 / شهر
  • المساحة: غير محدود
  • النطاق الترددي: غير محدود
  • اللوحة: cPanel

عرض الخطة WP
أقل من 8 دولارات
أكبر من 10 دولارات

Spark WP

US$ 8,40 / شهر
  • المساحة: 15 جيجابايت
  • النطاق الترددي: 2 تيرابايت
  • اللوحة: cPanel
  • عدد المواقع: 1

عرض الخطة Spark WP

الخوادم الافتراضية الخاصة

أقل من 4 دولارات

Start for free

US$ 0,00 / شهر
  • المساحة: غير محدود
  • النطاق الترددي: غير محدود

عرض الخطة Start for free
أقل من 8 دولارات

General Compute 1

US$ 5,00 / شهر
  • المساحة: 30 جيجابايت
  • النطاق الترددي: غير محدود

عرض الخطة General Compute 1
أكبر من 10 دولارات


US$ 20,00 / شهر
  • المساحة: 40 جيجابايت

عرض الخطة Essential

الملقم المخصص

أقل من 4 دولارات
أقل من 8 دولارات
أكبر من 10 دولارات

Intel Xeon 1230 v5

US$ 75,00 / شهر
  • المساحة: 240 جيجابايت
  • النطاق الترددي: غير محدود

عرض الخطة Intel Xeon 1230 v5

استضافة سحابية

أقل من 4 دولارات
أقل من 8 دولارات
أكبر من 10 دولارات

Intel Xeon E-2356G

US$ 159,00 / شهر
  • المساحة: 480 جيجابايت
  • النطاق الترددي: 10 تيرابايت

عرض الخطة Intel Xeon E-2356G

باني مواقع الكترونية

أقل من 4 دولارات
أقل من 8 دولارات
أكبر من 10 دولارات


أقل من 4 دولارات
أقل من 8 دولارات
أكبر من 10 دولارات

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Presta Shop

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Ruby on Rails

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